What can you expect with the materials?


The materials include: The full teacher edition, all the lab procedures and teacher masters, access to PowerPoints or Google slides for each lesson, access to all interactives and videos, a digital copy of the student edition, and downloadable student handouts for printing and use in student notebooks.

Each OpenSciEd unit has the following resources:


  • Teacher Handbook: Includes guidance on the design of the OpenSciEd units.

  • Teacher Edition: Includes the teacher guide, keys, and lab procedure for every lesson.

  • Slides: Intended to be used with the student to guide each lesson. There are two options: Either download the PowerPoint file or make a copy of the Google Slide file provided.

  • Student Edition (non-consumable): Includes all lab procedures, readings, and images students will need in the unit.

  • Student Handouts (consumable): These are usable handouts (1 per student) that are intended for use in a lesson. Often they are pasted into the students science notebook.​

  • Media: These are links to simulations, videos, and other digital resources that are used in the unit.