Droughts and Floods Unit: This is a draft unit intended for Field Test Teachers Only

How do changes in Earth’s system impact our communities and what can we do about it?

On this page, you will find all the materials needed for the Earth's Resources and Human Impact unit. A student-facing webpage is available at: https://www.classroomopensciedfieldtest.org/droughtsfloods

The materials include: The full teacher edition, all the lab procedures and teacher masters, access to PowerPoints or Google slides for each lesson, access to all interactives and videos, a digital copy of the student edition, and downloadable student handouts for printing and use in student notebooks.

Printable and Downloadable Documents

Lesson 1       Teacher Guide, Example Student Questions                                                                   Drought and Flood Headlines
Lesson 2      Teacher Guide, Information about Case Sites                                                       Data for Porterville, Vicksburg, Navajo Nation                          Instructions for Local Data, Local Data Template                                                         Yakima, Boston, Windom, About the Data
Lesson 3                      Teacher Guide                                                                                                Investigation Planning, Lab Instructions
Lesson 4                      Teacher Guide                                                                                     Obtaining Information, References for Snowpack
                                                                                                                                                       Groundwater, Glaciers/Ice, Sea Level, Streamflow
Lesson 5      Teacher Guide  Key 1, Key 2, DQB Check-in                                                     Initial Explanation, Peer Feedback Instructions &                                                                                                                                                         Guidelines, Revised Explanation, Alaska Graphs  &                                                                                                                                                            Notes Page, Wildfires Reading, Video Transcript
                                                                                                                                                           Alaska Wildfires & Sea Ice Transfer Task
Lesson 6         Teacher Guide   Possible Causes (optional)                                                                   Concentration of Gases                
Lesson 7                        Teacher Guide                                                                                          Gases in Atmosphere, Gases that Vibrate   
Lesson 8          Teacher Guide  Testing Ice Lab                                                                                           CO2 Data Graphs
Lesson 9                       Teacher Guide                                                                                Two Centuries of Innovation, Energy Sources Graph                                                                                                                                                         CO2 Emissions and Population Growth Graphs
Lesson 10            Teacher Guide, Burning Fuels,                                                                   Fuel Molecule Cards, Cause-and-Effect Exit Ticket                                        Carbon Dice Game
Lesson 11          Teacher Guide, Key, Model Ideas                                                                          Assessment Version 1, Version 2      
Lesson 12     Teacher Guide, Information about Solutions                                                         UCAR Climate Model, Solutions Card Deck
Lesson 13                     Teacher Guide                                                                                     Carbon Reduction Matrix, Home Carbon Audit
Lesson 14                     Teacher Guide                                                                                      
 Lesson 15     Teacher Guide, Project Platform Information                                                            Stakeholder Form, Project Options
                           Accompanying Standards; Project Rubric                                                         Peer Feedback Assessment and Guidelines
                                  Peer Feedback Instructions                                                                                                 Project Rubric
 Lesson 16                    Teacher Guide                                                                                                        Reviewing our DQB
Google Slides

Teacher Documents

Google Slides
Student Handouts

Media and Interactives

Lesson 1: Porterville Video on YouTube

                Vicksburg Video on YouTube

                Jamboard (make a copy for your use)

Lesson 2: NOAA Climate at a Glance

                 Case Site StoryMap

                 How to find your climate division

Lesson 6: Optional Links:

                 Sun and Global Warming

                 Ozone and Global Warming

                 Readable - to adjust reading levels


Lesson 7: Modified PhET Simulation 

Lesson 8: Drilling Ice Cores YouTube Link (7:31-8:52 only)


Lesson 9: Global CO2 Emissions on YouTube


Lesson 12: UCAR Climate Model

                   Project Drawdown Table of Solution

Lesson 14: Carbon Emissions Calculator

                   CO2 Emissions for the US

                   Digital Carbon Scoreboard

Lesson 15: Imagine the Future Video on YouTube

                  Green Ambassadors on YouTube (1:03 to 3:32 only)

If you cannot play videos from this player, they are all available here

Remote Teaching Resources

If you use these resources, please make a copy to your personal Google Drive and then edit as you need. There are all in this folder.

Instructions for using these resources is explained here.

Lesson 1: Headline Activity (Jamboard)

Lesson 2: Sharing Case Site Analysis (Jamboard)

Lesson 3: Use Lab and NASA videos in player above

Lesson 5: Initial Water Story Explanation

                (Google Doc, Google Draw, Google Slides)

Lesson 6: Concentration of Gases in the Atmosphere

                (Slides to annotate)

Lesson 7: Gases in the Atmosphere (Jamboard)

                 Use Lesson 7 Molecules in Motion Video in player above

Lesson 8: Use Lesson 8 Videos above to substitute for the investigation

Lesson 10: Digital Dice Game

                   Use Lesson 10 Virtual Demonstration Video above

Lesson 12: Solutions Based on Criteria (Google Draw)


Lesson 13: Table of Solutions (Jamboard)


Lesson 14: Digital Carbon Scoreboard (Google Sheet)

Lesson 16: Tweet Blizzard Activity (Google Doc)


Drought and Flood Kit List