This page contains links to kit ordering information for states, districts, and schools participating in the OpenSciEd field test. Any questions about this information can be sent to: 



The following are the Spring 2021 Units:

  • Unit 6.6: Healing (Cells & Systems)

  • Unit 7.6: Droughts & Floods (Earth's Resources & Human Impact)

  • Unit 8.6: Penguins (Natural Selection & Common Ancestry)


Below are links to the catalog of kits and ordering information:

  • Product Descriptions and Prices for Kits for the following kit combinations (price includes shipping):

*prices slightly higher than Audrey advertised in the 12/22 email (those initial prices were for 1 class only, not 6 classes of consumables)


If you need additional chart paper, markers, stickies, and tape​, please add-on this kit:





Items in the kits are broken into these categories:

  • Standard equipment. This is a list of required items that are commonly found in middle school science labs. Schools or districts must provide these for participating field test teachers. These items cannot be purchased in OpenSciEd kits. 

  • Locally sourced equipment and supplies. This is a list of items that must be obtained locally by teachers, schools, or districts. Items in this category include items that must be purchased within a day or two of use (e.g., lettuce) or are so easy to obtain (e.g., pennies) or so heavy (e.g., distilled water) that it is not cost effective to ship them. These items cannot be purchased in OpenSciEd kits.

  • Basic Supplies. This is a list of items that can be purchased from general retailers, such as Walmart or Amazon. As part of this list, we provide a link to an item on either the Walmart or Amazon website that meets the requirements for use in the unit. An OpenSciEd kit containing these items can be purchased through BSCS. 

  • Specialized Equipment and Specialized Consumables. This is a list of items that can only be purchased through specialty retailers, such as science supply houses. An OpenSciEd kit containing these items can be purchased through BSCS.  


For the Spring 2021 Field Test, it is possible to purchase two kinds of kits:

  • Specialized Equipment and Consumables Kits. These include all of the items from the Specialized Equipment and Supplies list for a unit. 

  • Complete Kits. These include the contents of the Specialized Equipment, Specialized Consumables, and all Basic Supplies. It does not include standard equipment or locally-sourced items.


Quantities: For both specialized and complete kits, the quantities of reusable items are sufficient for one class of 30-35 students. The quantities of consumable supplies are sufficient for six classes of 30-35 students. In other words, each kit contains enough items for a single teacher to teach six sections.